5 Reasons to Choose OEM Car Parts for all Repairs


More often than not, when we take our car into the local garage for repairs, it needs some parts replacing.

However, something not every driver realises is that there are a number of different types of replacement parts. These range vastly in quality, functionality and of course cost.

The different types of parts include OEM, aftermarket, salvaged and counterfeit amongst others.

Here are five reasons to explain exactly why OEM parts are the best option if your car needs repairs.

  1. Less Hassle

If you tend to return to your dealership for car repairs, then they will likely only deal in OEM parts. This is great, especially for those of us who care very little about the ins and outs of cars, because it means there is only one option to replace the old part.

If you go to a garage which isn’t tied to a particular dealership, they will likely offer you a number options. These will range from OEM to aftermarket. This gives you a number of things to weigh up including cost, quality and reliability, all things which you might care little about fussing over.

  1. Assured Quality

Because they are produced on the same production line, by the same manufacturers for the exact same vehicles, OEM parts are by and large the best assurance of quality you’ll find.

We spoke to Cox Motor Parts, a genuine Honda parts dealer, who explained to us that “anything other than OEM parts should be seen as second best”.

“Parts other than OEM, often aren’t made in the same factory, by the same people or specifically for the same model. This means there is no guarantee they work as well as OEM parts; therefore, it is more of a risk choosing anything other than them.”

  1. Warranty & Support

Another great reason which could well save you a decent chunk of cash comes down to warranty and support.

If you purchase your car from an official dealership and repair it with OEM parts, often you will both get a warranty on those parts (in case the worst happens) and you vehicle warranty will still exist.

However, if you choose to repair your car with aftermarket parts, you will often find that your vehicle’s warranty will be scrapped as a result.

  1. Reliability & Durability

As well as a difference in quality, there is also the risk of parts being unreliable. For example, because counterfeit or aftermarket parts don’t have to abide by the same rigorous testing and could well be made from lesser materials, they have a better chance of breaking quicker than OEM parts.

Just take a look at this from Wards Auto which discusses a news story from China, as thousands of counterfeit Toyota parts were seized before they could hit the market.

  1. Saftey

Really the most important thing you want from your car is to feel safe when driving it. All vehicles now go through serious safety tests before they hit our roads, and are only allowed on our roads with reasonable NCAP test scores.

So, the safest thing you can do is to always replace your broken parts with those which have gone through the same tests as the rest of the car. Choosing to go for parts other than OEM could well imbalance the safety of the car, the consequences of which are not really worth considering.

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