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No, they are not exempt. They never were "exempt" but until a decade or so ago, the law used a definition of "insider" that made a useful loophole.

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Lesbian movie tube galleries
Lesbian movie tube galleries
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Gardam 09.07.2018
Can we please give them Texas!
Daigor 15.07.2018
Islam sometimes destroyed the Ethnicity & Nationality part too.
Samugor 25.07.2018
Those books sound wonderful??
Yozshucage 02.08.2018
Oh for the love of God.
Faerisar 10.08.2018
Praise be to the undead savior, amen.
Samuzilkree 19.08.2018
Remember those days well
Shagis 21.08.2018
12 Monkeys !!! awesome movie !!
Mazutaxe 28.08.2018
I guess that means no.
Shaktitaur 01.09.2018
Muslims worship Jehovah God?
Kigore 09.09.2018
The Bully is Christianity.
Gorg 13.09.2018
Surprise me, say something meaningful about Islam alone.
Bagul 19.09.2018
Care to explain? Otherwise, you haven't made your point.
Kesho 22.09.2018
What a stupid comment.
Kejas 26.09.2018
i want to die
Vik 29.09.2018
You posted that dozens of times.
Akinolabar 30.09.2018
Because the burden of proof is with the claimant!!!!!

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