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My nieghbor saw me naked

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The systematic study of the nature is called science and in a theistic paradigm it is the study of the ?Work of God. The Holy Qur'an and sayings of the Prophet (saw) give supreme value to knowledge. Knowledge is to be understood as including science. This is what motivated the early Muslims to study science.

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My nieghbor saw me naked
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Gagami 27.06.2018
Everything you said was wrong
Tojahn 06.07.2018
There's a lot of humidity here in Florida.
Dojin 12.07.2018
What does Steve Schmidt have to do with this?
Magal 20.07.2018
And some mental masturbation :)
Fenrile 26.07.2018
are you sure he didn't?
Moogura 29.07.2018
Putin opposes us to our faces.
Tujinn 09.08.2018
And when two such individuals disagree?
Mazurisar 16.08.2018
And I missed it ?
Kekinos 19.08.2018
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Volrajas 25.08.2018
Maybe you could be a little more specific?

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