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Yes, which is why you should divorce your emotions from your thought process.

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Faejinn 30.05.2018
I'd let her cook for me anytime
Bragami 08.06.2018
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Menos 13.06.2018
That's actually more pleasant than most dreams I have...
Mauramar 20.06.2018
Can I salute you for your wisdom?
Junos 23.06.2018
And you base that on what?
Kigazuru 25.06.2018
Being a Christian is the opposite of self serving.
Toshicage 30.06.2018
Really? YOUR disgusting words to me were as follows:
Faer 07.07.2018
Was god self created?
Akigrel 12.07.2018
Thx.. Yes it was. :)
Mazurisar 21.07.2018
That's what gets me is that humidity
Voodoonos 31.07.2018
I loveeeeee the beach
Mikakora 09.08.2018
There wasn't a first .
Tygokree 11.08.2018
I'm done wasting time with you.
Gole 16.08.2018
He'd prolly qualify as a refugee.
Dulabar 19.08.2018
let me make this clear, ok?

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