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Stop projecting. Stealing healthcare professionals from poor countries is immoral. The US has the money and resources to train and educate Americans to do those jobs.

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Virtual cyber sex program
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Kazigis 22.07.2018
Ooooo personal attacks. Compelling.
Nikomi 29.07.2018
So, the first human being came from another universe?
Doulabar 01.08.2018
No, and that's the point.
Disho 07.08.2018
Did what goat humper?
Molrajas 12.08.2018
The snake ?? of course
Dougor 19.08.2018
More mammoths and a bit colder????
Mikakasa 23.08.2018
Where do you get that from?
Arashimi 28.08.2018
My goodness, it'll give you trouble for life ah?
Fern 29.08.2018
Boredom. Routine. Settled. No adventure.

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