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precluding the possibility of the supernatural Without any reason to believe in the supernatural the possibility is approximately zero. The default for far fetched claims should be to not believe it till there is a reason to believe it. Otherwise you would be completely gullible and believe any and every bit of nonsense you hear. Believing something without any reason to do so is clearly foolish for anyone who has capacity to use logic and reason.

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Moogulkis 30.05.2018
That's what he said, dick. Can you read?
Tole 08.06.2018
With skills you evidently do not possess, dearie.
Tygogrel 16.06.2018
I'm unaware of where God created evil in scripture.
Kazralrajas 20.06.2018
...Good to know ...since it's my hair...??
Mezishura 27.06.2018
We do have federal gun control
Vomuro 02.07.2018
I didn't write that.
JoJoll 03.07.2018
Than I misunderstood... an we agree.
Faektilar 06.07.2018
Inflation is fairly normal anyway.
Tolmaran 09.07.2018
I'd like to be her habit
Vigore 09.07.2018
I will do something ??
Tojaran 12.07.2018
Cuz they are pusies and corrupt
Zulkile 19.07.2018
Something in the way bacon moves
Nak 23.07.2018
Let's double their salary.
Vobar 28.07.2018
:( I?m so sorry my dear friend...
Mucage 28.07.2018
Of these categories above, which are you in?
Kajijinn 31.07.2018
Personal insults are the protests of the weak.
Tygogore 05.08.2018
No you suck as well.
Ditilar 12.08.2018
Not paying, where have I heard that before?
Tagore 21.08.2018
Only if you don?t aim properly... kiiiiiiddiiiinnnng!
Aralkree 26.08.2018
They're not 'spring chickens'.
Mezinos 30.08.2018
Wass matter boo boo?
Zulkigul 08.09.2018
you tell them fancy dancy
Kajigami 08.09.2018
Mine too but Boston is bad ass
Malall 19.09.2018
Didn't you just post this?
Zolora 20.09.2018
Never been pegged for a centrist.but maybe.
Akinoll 27.09.2018
Yeah, so are you a Christian or not?

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