Arkuda Digital Car Streaming Services for Automotive industry


Even if you do not follow in-vehicle media technology consistently, you will have seen in the past year or so a trend in car streaming technology, which has modified the ordinary car media network into a full on enjoyment program but in the car.

Our top favorite car audio technology is the electronic media radio stations program – a process that is popular to substitute the good old car Cd/Mp3 player. In in recent decades, we have all gone electronic, changing our CD players with iPods as we jog; now the car CD player is much like is substituted for electronic media stereo systems that completely get connected to Audio players and other electronic media player. Although, we will a lot skip the CD player, the electronic media radio stations program has the advantage of docking space for your iPod and a bigger screen.

Arkuda STB Middleware 2016 presentation: Set-Top Box middleware enables additional entertaining services and media loading alternatives. The competitive environment experienced by STB producers and marketing manufacturers’ requirements state of the art products, to meet the top objectives of providers, technicians and end customers. End customers are now used to managing entertaining media devices on a regular basis especially carplay, so the anticipations of having a high-end multi-media encounter on TVs and STBs is developing all the time. You can discuss with Arkuda Digital on how we can slot our current STB middleware methods to your set-top box and deliver a powerful consumer experience with media connectivity inside the car!

We make our impeditive technology alternatives trying to help everyone experience the world in a more linked way.

Our consistent software for automotive solutions allows smooth connection between UPnP-compliant gadgets in a digital system to your automobiles, enabling quick access, saving, defending and handling multi-media content on digital products from different producers.

Arkuda Digital makes smooth workflow incorporation with our partners; as a result you do not need to make any important changes in the current procedures. It allows us to return information and skills in a natural way, without additional initiatives, and to act as a part of our soulmate’s group.

In second place are routing and radio stations program mixtures, which merge the practical elements of sat-nav and an enjoyment program all in one unit. The mixture program has become popular over in recent decades as it means you can access all you need to from one system rather than several.

Our third live is dual field technology – a useful feature that divides the car into two areas (front and back) whereby travelers can choose their own enjoyment. Found to be often a valuable feature for family members, the Double Area feature allow travelers in front side to pay attention to their own songs, as the returning travelers pay attention to songs or watch a movie through the connected seat displays.

Number four on our list is Wireless, the technology that allows you to link your smartphone or iPhone to your radio stations program. Flow songs, take and receive calls all on your radio stations program during the go. For busy people everywhere, this system is a savior, as they no longer have to muck around with automatically. With in-built Wireless technology, they can instead link quickly with their loved ones and co-workers.

Our # 5 car audio like is the iPod Remedy packages. Although not at the peak of technology, they do allow older stereo systems to be able to be a musician from Audio players and iPods. Not everyone wants to change their car radio stations program, but they may still want the most advanced technology, so these service packages have developed for that viewers. It is an apt technology for those who just want to link up to the most advanced technology without many features, devices or gizmos

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