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Biting midgets bugs in my house

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China was better off. You seem to neglect how the European powers messed China up with the results of the Opium wars. Also, China stagnated because of bad government in some aspects and because it really lacked conflict. Conflict drives science and tech quite a bit throughout history.

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Biting midgets bugs in my house
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Gugor 21.07.2018
Gender dysphoria is a different animal altogether.
Mazut 31.07.2018
I'm praying for you too.????
Voodootilar 03.08.2018
Where at?! I wanna slap-a-troll!
Nikotilar 09.08.2018
Haha perhaps I should start building my collection
Brazshura 13.08.2018
They all should be doable.
Fegor 23.08.2018
You are my candy girl??
Baran 02.09.2018
I guess you are not interested in finding out.
Kigagar 06.09.2018
Do you not care?
Goltisho 14.09.2018
Probably not many......showing my age. I will fix it
Kajijas 16.09.2018
DCT denies the existence of moral or logical principles.
Doujin 21.09.2018
Well said, Kenny. Thank you.
Tagar 26.09.2018
Are you questioning your love of bacon?
Mezizahn 30.09.2018
I wouldn't have any.
Zulkilar 10.10.2018
Still waiting for that proof...
Samushura 16.10.2018
Awww me too. I miss her comments. :(
Zuluramar 27.10.2018
The take those kids from their parents Trump?
Kashicage 30.10.2018
The Flying Spaghetti Monster:
Voodoomi 08.11.2018
Has nothing to do with cops "arresting" you.
Akinris 14.11.2018
Looks like a video version of this:
Meztihn 21.11.2018
I prefer to think of god as Yoda.

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