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Not necessarily legislation, but when conservative Christians seek to side with a religious baker who uses religion as an excuse to discriminate (treat one customer *differently from another), that's when things start to become a problem.

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For Nylon Nylonmagazinetv
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Akiramar 02.06.2018
Yeah.. you can help me
Doujas 03.06.2018
Perhaps Prejudice Park would be a better name.
Zutaur 05.06.2018
Thank you so much. :-)
Akile 15.06.2018
I like to multitask
Shajin 23.06.2018
By your own standards, I reject your claims.
Bajin 25.06.2018
No one else is either.
Vole 04.07.2018
A Qur'aanite Muslim? Right?
Malkree 09.07.2018
They don't look happy.
Nikokus 19.07.2018
Now you are getting into Hume and Bayes.
Malam 23.07.2018
Ok,I guess I'll be first. Blow me,Prince!!!
Kataur 02.08.2018
1971, Dallas hotel, Bible-page rolling papers, Led Zeppelin.
Tutilar 07.08.2018
Maybe the Hebrew Bible is in error.
Akinogis 13.08.2018
Am sure that's for illegal non immigrant.
Shakaktilar 22.08.2018
Yes, a human birth is a miracle.
Nilabar 29.08.2018
We'll turn our backs and promise not to peek.
Neran 08.09.2018
Where did you dig that up Boss?
Fekora 10.09.2018
Gotta be better than the CBC. And cheaper.
Durisar 18.09.2018
Hey James, thanks for the welcome.
Kazigar 22.09.2018
HHmmmm wonder about what?
Zusho 23.09.2018
Just laughing at your response...

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