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If you read the whole thing, they claim that it was a number of factors, but they speculate that the "cohort" of criminal age hoods, (and they give this number as something like 17-35 year olds), simply did not exist in the large numbers that Hitlery KKKlinton et al announced and predicted would come to be.

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Kezil 03.06.2018
Was it a fully semi-automatic military style combat weapon?
Kagamuro 12.06.2018
Its my only OP comment on the discussion.
Daiktilar 16.06.2018
Not at all XD
Mezirr 20.06.2018
but how do you define religion?
Fenrilabar 26.06.2018
That's not a physical place . It's a *metaphor*.
Shaktigore 30.06.2018
Why should I care ?
Kajinris 06.07.2018
I don't upvote myself either, except on this thread.
Aragal 07.07.2018
Wrong. Shes a woman.
Shaktisida 11.07.2018
I like to watch volleyball... What a beautiful sport
Tosho 19.07.2018
Do you trust Wikipedia?
Tojakinos 24.07.2018
You should be booked for that comment
Masho 01.08.2018
You really are ignorant of history.
Dainos 06.08.2018
'S OK. I won't mention Fortran, OK?
Gar 08.08.2018
No more meade. :)
Bragul 10.08.2018
25 years ago was a long time ago.
Vugore 20.08.2018
Do you fall down a lot?
Dunos 26.08.2018
I never opened myself this way
Vudosida 04.09.2018
Yessss! I love Lucy ??
Zukasa 04.09.2018
I took pictures, man. Hey, champ
Zulutaxe 13.09.2018
Execute him for the common good.
Samugal 24.09.2018
He doesn't look like a smart Kd.
Arashigal 29.09.2018
Haha fair enough :p
Vik 05.10.2018
And, of course, my namesake...
Shakall 11.10.2018
You have a very vague idea.
Moogusar 20.10.2018
What is post "Fall"?

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