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I agree. And you can be a scientist and a Christian no problem. But when you literally believe in Noah?s flood. When you literally believe the earth is 6000 years old. Then you have to suffer huge amounts of cognitive dissonance to be a scientist. Or just lie.

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Marilyn chambers free sex videos
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Arashishakar 27.07.2018
Most likely you are correct.
Migor 03.08.2018
yea I wanna see that shit lol
Tojaramar 05.08.2018
All mathematical devices are merely descriptive tools, not prescriptive.
Dokora 10.08.2018
Wrote WaPo a love note
Murr 20.08.2018
You?re a real piece of work.
Mazukora 27.08.2018
Stop sayibng against me and just tell me, sarah.
Fell 02.09.2018
Maybe I should crop this?
Magar 08.09.2018
Common design. Common Designer you know? Common system.Earth.
Miktilar 12.09.2018
And in-between it was fun just for fun!!!
Dougor 21.09.2018
So then, do you look at porn?
Arashakar 27.09.2018
The death certificate states to the contrary.
Akigul 07.10.2018
Ah, here's our Friday OP.
Dibar 11.10.2018
None of these is a Christian country.
Malagis 13.10.2018
what about the absentee and mail in votes?

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