Car On-Board Android Infotainment systems


The EVICS is a 2-in-1 system for an Electric Vehicle (EV) which include of Tracking System for the top side seat car owner and Infotainment System for the back seat travelers. The Tracking system includes of electric battery volts, present and temperature monitoring segments, battery electric energy status(%), distance left(km), km/h and rpm gauge, off-line and online Global Placement System(GPS) and Shape Placement System(CPS). The Infotainment System include all features to connect the car to the digital world music and movie player, online and web loading, social media applications, games, movie loading, and much more. The Infotainment System can also be applied to the traditional motor cars.

The primary of the EVICS is built using the Apple Desktop computer Panel D510MO which is designed to release the ability of the new 1.66GHz Apple Atomâ„¢ processor. This new low electric innovative two chipset boards decreases energy consumption extremely and provides additional versatility and upgradability with two spots of individual route DDR2 memory at 800/667 MHz assisting up to 4 GB maximum. The Apple Desktop computer Panel D510MO symbolizes a fundamental move in system design where it is small, yet powerful enough to enable a big Internet experience for all viewers. This system uses the Linux system uBuntu operating system due to the convenience of obtaining free from the World Wide Web and balance. The EVICS functions both the Tracking System at the car owner seat and the Infotainment System at the back seat where both systems are working independently on two LCD shows, rats and computer keyboard using one smart mobility system.

The EVICS is different from those in the marketplace in the sense that it is a PC that can be used as any motor vehicle because it does not need to be connected into any current system in the car. All it needs is hitting electric in similar from the 12 V lead-acid battery ability to operate; therefore the Infotainment System can be used as any present motor vehicle. Clients can also choose specialized features that they desire from the Infotainment System, and their desired package can be designed personally. This product is simple to install, low-cost, does not exist in the marketplace and fulfills the customer’s needs for In-Vehicle-Infotainment.

The In-Vehicle cellular Wi-Fi product is also an advantage and unique as it provides online accessibility to customers and customers while your automobile is on the move on the road. Compared to portable smart phone online information plans, this cellular Wi-Fi system has larger watching size LCD capacitive touch displays for comfortable web browsing, movie loading and social media on the go. With the Wi-Fi system, the EVICS can be controlled and supervised slightly using computers, laptop and Android operating system based Telematics on mobile because it has a build-in device wireless router. This feature is important for exterior pcs and laptop pcs to plug easily into the Apple system to keep track of the performance of the car. Therefore, technicians and specialists can switch ON the wireless device router to confirm and determine issues with the EV system slightly and never have to perform the traditional hands-on approach.

The EVICS also has a 3-in-1 function that objectives all three customers, production, and the support industry. For the user and customers, the EVICS has a wide back seat Infotainment System that can link multiple separate customers (front seat and back seat users) using one Apple Atom system using the uBuntu Useful application. For the car produces such as Chrysler and Chevy, they connect to log files within it information removal features to discuss common issues and conversations regarding electric automobiles with globally international automobile producers. For the support and technical side, techniques and supervisors can improve slightly accessibility and observe the EVICS system for repair, research and problem-solving work.

For an EV, the issue is the finite provide of your from the lithium-ion battery pack power. Recognizing this as a significant problem in an EV, the EVICS has three methods of your generations to offer the vehicle battery pack with more power by tapping the natural surrounding resources available such as breeze and gravity.

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