Car Washing—Don’t Wash Your Hands Of it

Car Washing

How do you feel about car washing? Do you like it? Or is it one of those things that you procrastinate without blinking? If you belong to the latter category you will be surprised to know that many actually enjoy washing their car. But even if you never get there, I’m sure you will agree when I say that with a bit of organisation, you could at least reduce the time you invest in it and have better results. So let’s talk about how to organise a car washing session.


It may sound like something you could skip, but this step is important. Have you noticed that, at times, dirt comes out of some cracks after you have washed the car? We prevent this by doing a quick preparation.

So, hands on! Rinse first your car: This will loosen any stubborn dirt and also get rid of quite a bit of grime. Work from top to bottom and pay attention to places where dirt could hide. It is great if you have a pressure cleaner, but you can do it with a hose too. If you do it well it could take you up to 15 minutes. Then move to the next step.

Pre-wash: After rinsing your car, you will notice that some really stubborn dirt is still on the car’s body. Apply a degreasing product in those areas—usually the lower half—and rinse off after 5 minutes. You get time to chat with your friends and have a sip of your coffee.

Bring on the brush: Now this is a delicate step but it will really make a difference at the end. With the degreasing product you have just used 5 minutes ago and a soft brush, clean parts that are less conspicuous—like the fuel filler cap, the grills, the rubber on the windows and any groves in the doors. Then rinse it off with water.

Time To Wash!

Now we tackle the paintwork. It is very practical to use two buckets. One is with clean water and the other is with a solution of water and soap. The process is super easy:

  1. Soak your sponge in the bucket with soap and wash a section of the car; if dirt persists, don’t press harder, just insist for longer.
  2. Rinse the sponge in the clean-water-bucket and go back to step one. Always remembering to work from clean areas towards dirty areas.


Not much to say here, just remember to work from top to bottom and maybe to wash-rinse one section at time if it’s a really hot day.

Drying Your Car

At this stage, don’t use a squeegee since it could damage the paintwork. Rather, use a microfibre towel to work from top to bottom, meticulously moving it around, ever so gentle.

As you can see, if you put care in the preparation stage, everything will run smoothly.

Yes, some consider washing the car a burdensome chore, but with good preparation, a good plan, and sometimes, good friends, you could even enjoy car washing. What else do you want?


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