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I had totally forgotten about reading that story until you posted this. I did see some of the comments, and like with the story itself, my thoughts were "WTF was that all about?"

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Gardarisar 31.05.2018
LOLOL!!!! Hope you didn't ruin your keyboard...
Sakinos 09.06.2018
God does. I have known him for 40 years.
Magar 13.06.2018
Where? There is no cite.
Tut 17.06.2018
Definition of the word Resilient :
Meztishura 21.06.2018
Yup. Not a problem.
Vonos 25.06.2018
Do what you like.
Kagajora 30.06.2018
How will you get criminals to register their guns?
Juzragore 07.07.2018
They do and then they don't
Akile 13.07.2018
Christians are afraid of non Christians
Samuro 22.07.2018
Nice one I like to this song
Daktilar 25.07.2018
nope - not Vanilla Ice
Tojarn 01.08.2018
Do you have a Wendy's?
Dozil 11.08.2018
Thank you sweetie, I appreciate it
Faegore 12.08.2018
Yes, I am the arrogant one.
Zolot 14.08.2018
imagined light is not more bright
Zulkizshura 21.08.2018
Team work is almost always a good thing. Regards
Dasida 22.08.2018
"I said, I ain't paying for that.."
Mom 28.08.2018
The analysis in this article...
Zolotaxe 29.08.2018
Livestream American idol style.
Fenrikree 06.09.2018
What textbook? Name it.
Kigore 08.09.2018
You didn't hear that I'm back in the States???
Mezshura 14.09.2018
What would constitute real evidence in your opinion?
Brasar 21.09.2018
Fred. Friday is also Creationism vs Science/Evolution.

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