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American indian bisexual

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I never stated nor do I think humans are or have a 'spirit'. That is a false idea.

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American indian bisexual
American indian bisexual
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Voodoomi 04.06.2018
I hope so too, I worry about her.
Kajijas 12.06.2018
Don't drink anymore "lemonade", friend.
Mikale 21.06.2018
Evolution MUST be directed to work.
Tygogis 28.06.2018
Sagittarius are lovely & loyal.
Nikosar 02.07.2018
Sent them a "thank you" card anyway.
Kizshura 09.07.2018
Why do you think this?
Gushakar 12.07.2018
So, a baby is a tumor.a malignancy?
Neran 20.07.2018
Oh that is a good idea
Arajin 25.07.2018
You disagree life is unfair?
Nikojinn 02.08.2018
Oh well, I guess it stays then
Gardanos 04.08.2018
There's only one way to respond to that:
JoJobei 06.08.2018
Obamacare would be a good example.
Minos 12.08.2018
For the same reason you call your god holy.
Vudocage 16.08.2018
This one says as high as 63
Jushura 23.08.2018
That is a load.
Zulkitaxe 26.08.2018
According to your beliefs.
Meztilmaran 27.08.2018
More bullshit lies. You must be so proud.
Arashikree 04.09.2018
"You admit bias but then say it?s deserved."
Gakus 05.09.2018
Yep, the cop's parents were complete morons.
Duhn 10.09.2018
Prince of the power of the air
Kejora 14.09.2018
Love is an emotion.
Dakora 20.09.2018
You don't have 'spiritual eyes.

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