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Videos svprks the dkhtrbalgh

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Bernie can never be elected in the US. Socialists are prohibited from running things. The most they can hope for is a hand on the levers of power,.

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Videos svprks the dkhtrbalgh
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Jujind 23.06.2018
Got that much, but your comment is still incoherent.
Bahn 25.06.2018
I hope you had great day ..
Zulutilar 30.06.2018
dont you miss me at all? XD
Arashizuru 03.07.2018
Further proof that I am right. Thanks
Moogushicage 11.07.2018
Thank you non vampire lord jesus
Totilar 14.07.2018
"The ineluctable conclusion is that Democrats are the Fascists."
Faetaxe 22.07.2018
The man is as fake as his hair dye.
Dora 31.07.2018
I still don't think Paul constantly asked for money.
Dolar 05.08.2018
1971, Dallas hotel, Bible-page rolling papers, Led Zeppelin.
Akinomuro 06.08.2018
No worries, I understand, thanks for acknowledging
Yozshugul 08.08.2018
Who thinks atheists are worse than criminals?

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