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That dossier was turned over to the FBI by John McCain. The exact opposite of what Junior did and daddy knew about.

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Hot chubby lesbians
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Fejinn 01.06.2018
Gotta have something to attack.
Bajora 11.06.2018
?Islam does NOT teach or condone this behavior.?
Nabar 19.06.2018
Then go find this natural law and cite it.
Kirisar 24.06.2018
It depends on how you look at it.
Daikree 28.06.2018
If there is no job thew,who pays the cost?
Maulkree 30.06.2018
It?s cool bro ????????????
Togul 03.07.2018
Can I help you? XD
Tanris 05.07.2018
No one. Are you really this ignorant?
Douzil 09.07.2018
What reference do you have to that claim?
Negrel 17.07.2018
Answering the atheists side:
Malabar 25.07.2018
You heard stories, right?
Bazil 04.08.2018
fix this it's fine as stands.
Sharr 09.08.2018
you better read his mind first
Kazigul 10.08.2018
You say "sorry" a lot.
Shaktijin 20.08.2018
Someone wants to get banned.
Tauzragore 26.08.2018
Hahaa thanks I feel embarrassed
Zulugul 04.09.2018
That?s what I basically said. ??
Dolar 05.09.2018
I got "long legs" .

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