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With the appearance of today’s technology, even the vehicles have been made intelligent, and their performance adjusting has been made even easier. Nowadays engine adjusting can conduct via computer systems. A car engine can become more effective, generating more twisting and power and become cost-effective as well as far as power intake is involved. This all outcomes can be accomplished by remapping your car’s ECU configurations.

Now a query occurs what is ECU remapping.

Before informing you about it allows discussing some basic principles. Different car’s performance factors are now assessed by receptors included at various locations in the car. These factors may include key moment, power intake, air circulation, accelerator place, turn place, etc. All these are assessed via receptors, and their performance reviews are delivered to car’s engine control system or digital control device (ECU). Therefore, ECU is an application which process the alerts deliver by the receptors and helps in better performance of the car in any given condition.


Having said that, the query is instantly responded that why you should have your ECU remapped. Of course, for better exhaust. The autos producers do not always customize create their ECU configurations at activities performance stage. It may sound strange for all car lovers, but it is a fact. The reasoning behind it is that why would a Nana still able to drive or a parent, who pushes along with her kids, would require a top rated engine. Therefore, they deal with the issues of all the customers and ensure that their product is well enough for almost every circumstance.

Therefore, ECU remapping can be done by just over composing the current application of your car and changing it with a more updated application, best suitable your circumstances. The remapping, until lately was done by eliminating the current processor containing the application. It has been made easy after the appearance of sequential slot remapping, and now ECU remapping can conduct by just connecting and overwriting engine map by a better activities performance edition into the sequential slot.

Tuning ECU is an effective performance improving but it may become complex if you are not aware of your car’s requirements and would end up in developing chaos if you do not pay concern to the circumstances, the car will have to have. If you are a beginner and want to carry out a rather nonprofessional remapping, I would recommend you an effective device best fit for this objective. It is known as “Gillette” and use to read your car’s ECU tuning files. It is available at more or less $100 from the internet. You need to link this device with the old outlet and can be used to identify any mistake in the car. When the details in the ECU tuning files are recovered, you need to modify and change it according to your desire using a better-updated application. However, be aware here as the details would be in the form of binary figures. The application applications, which are used to modify these details, can be either “Race 2000” or “winol”. Do not forget to put back ECU tuning files into the ECU after you are done.

ECU remapping does have some power effects if you are looking for an increase in engine power and twisting. However, a car can be updated to the best possible stage to save power and increase the power and twisting as well. The outcomes of the ECU tuning files differ according to the engine on which you conducted the remapping.

For a turbocharged fuel engine, you can accomplish an increase of 20-30% in power and 20-40% in twisting. The increase is about 10-15% in power and 15-20% in twisting when there is a normally aspirated, non-turbo fuel engine. In the same way, turbocharged diesel fuel engine ECU tuning files might drive a result of 25-50% and 50-75% increase in power and twisting respectively. With all these engine improving, great power, more twisting, and better power performance, why would you not go for DIY ECU remapping?

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