Eincar electronics that every driver should have

These days people spend so much time in their cars that it is worth making it as comfortable as possible. Between going to work, picking up the kids form school or even doing errands, your car almost becomes your second home. Because I spend so much time I my car I am willing to invest in certain conveniences that simplify my life and make car riding easy, Eincar has numerous electronic items that appeal to drivers looking to make their driving experience as simple as possible; here are some Eincar electronic staples every driver should have:

Stereo – I don’t know about you but when I get in the car the first thing I turn on is my stereo. On those days when I am stuck I traffic and driving a 5 miles an hour, I pop on my stereo and start blasting my favourite music. There is something about having our own private time in the car with you can your music, almost like a judgement free zone. These days stereos have so many built in features, that it makes it worth the investment. I love that my stereo has a port to put my IPod and USB cable. It allows me to connect my own music from my IPod (which is a huge plus for me) as well as connect my phone in case I need to charge it. Eincar brand also offers stereos that are touchscreen that allow you to play movies as well. More and more stereos have also come to offer Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. Whatever you needs are more than likely there is a stereo for you. Whether you need a Double DIN or Single DIN stereo Eincar has the best option for you.

GPS Navigation – I’m afraid to admit it but I am not good with directions, I get lost going from my bedroom to the bathroom. Naturally when I got my car, the GPS navigation was the first item I installed. Eincar offers several built in GPS a system that works seamlessly with the car’s features. The GPS has several options that can tell me how to save time or avoid traffic which has been useful. Moreover I love the touch screen functionality of the GPS; it responds quickly to my movements and is able to give me directions in a short time span. I cannot saw how many times my GPS has gotten me safely home when I have been lost; making the purchase from Eincar was definitely worth the investment.

Backup camera – Initially when I first thought about purchasing a backup camera I though “When on earth would I ever use this?”, now I can’t imagine not having it. Whether I’m getting into a tight parking space or reversing unto the street, this camera has saved me from getting in many accidents. I find it especially helpful when I’m in a crowded area like a carnival, supermarket or at my kids school. In the blink of an eye someone can walk behind the car, however with the backup camera I can catch any slight movement which helps me avoid dangerous situations. As soon as I switch into reverse the camera is activated and I have a clear view of my surroundings. Eincar has several varieties of backup cameras at affordable prices making it easier for persons to acquire one. I have to say that having used it, I wholeheartedly recommend it and think it was a worthwhile investment.

Bluetooth – Now I am not very technology savvy, so the first time I heard about Bluetooth I was nervous to say the least. It wasn’t sure how to connect it with my phone and I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth. With Bluetooth I am able to make telephone calls without using my mobile receiver with just the touch of a button. When my coworker calls me I click one button and I can answer the call through my audio system. I like this feature most of all because it allows me to keep both hands on the steering wheel and not have to struggle to make drive while holding the cell phone in my hand. Aside from facilitating hands-free calling, my blue tooth is connected to my online music website Pandora, so that means I can stream music directly to my car which I love. It saves me the trouble of having to carry CD’s or my iPod which is a huge convenience for me. At Eincar, there are several integrated Bluetooth devices that connect seamlessly with your stereo. It takes a minute to set-up and is simple to use. These days I am a huge Bluetooth believer, I can’t imagine how I used to live without it.

Car Video – Hooking up the video in my car was been well worth it. To be honest I thought it would be more of a distraction for my kids when doing our errands. However I find that when I’m waiting to pick someone up at the airport or in between appointments, I can get in a quick movie on the car video. I have a list of movies that I keep in the car that I pop in whenever I want to take a break or relax. The car video was one purchase that I treated myself to. At Eincar they have several car videos that can suit your needs. If you want a smaller option or one with more features you can get the one that best meets your needs.

Purchasing a car is without a doubt probably one of the most important decisions you will make as an adult. However the electronics in the car is arguably just as important in helping you maximize your car riding experience. Too often persons hesitate to invest in these items because of the cost or fear of the technology. These days due to the affordable nature of most car electronic items, you can find reasonably priced items that fit in your budget and meet your lifestyle needs. Take a minute to visit eincar.com and find a few items that meet your wish list today!

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