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Do you not understand what "No"means? It was an accurate observation, that's all. If that insults you, that is not my intent, and something you need to get over.

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Dukasa 18.06.2018
EPA should be disbanded for corruption.
Vuran 21.06.2018
We can hope. It certainly should.
Golabar 23.06.2018
Been around a long time, Sausage.
Mazukus 26.06.2018
Care to name those who believe this?
Vudogore 05.07.2018
Fine: Launch an investigation and file charges.
Shajar 11.07.2018
It censors us so we don't get upset! LOL
Tell 19.07.2018
Bring it on, douchebag.
Misar 22.07.2018
I will also state it to YOU.
Kigadal 29.07.2018
Passover is a ?High Sabbath**]
Kagakinos 31.07.2018
Not just cousins, but sisters, daughters, and aunts.

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