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How often does everybody here shave? And what do you use, disposable razor? How long does your razor last?

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Voodoojar 27.07.2018
You're putting up strawmen. Not very honest.
Voodootilar 01.08.2018
Jerome Murphy-O?Connor, Paul: His Story (Oxford: Oxford University Press,
Mikamuro 06.08.2018
no it's just 7:34 PM
Shakaktilar 09.08.2018
Isn't that what the article said? Maybe I misread...
Gabar 12.08.2018
How are you been???
Vular 16.08.2018
He is not my hero.
Kajit 26.08.2018
I really believe she might be suffering from alzheimer's.
Moogunris 29.08.2018
I'll buy that for a dollar!!!!
Zucage 06.09.2018
hahahaha good taunt ...LOl
Kigashura 10.09.2018
No, they are not.
Taugar 14.09.2018
words cant describe my elation...
Goltisho 18.09.2018
James is on fire and knows no Bounds. Congratulations!
Maugami 26.09.2018
as if he would say workers are getting fcked.
Mam 01.10.2018
That doesn't mean Christinas would accept it :-)
Tar 02.10.2018
And there is always < b> < /b> for
Kazrakus 11.10.2018
Oh! Thank you :)
Mejind 14.10.2018
Thanks RMFM. I need to ponder and digest. Regards
Kazrakree 16.10.2018
No, I love it, ILH!!!
Maular 24.10.2018
Any plans for today
Kazrami 29.10.2018
The media is so helpful
Nanris 07.11.2018
Like to what? Have 69 donuts? Me too!!!!
Vugal 17.11.2018
There aren?t any Britons either. Displaced by the Anglo-Saxons.

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