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» » Year of russian 2007 is

Year of russian 2007 is

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To dumb SJW's, Hungary is wanting Chipotle but only having $5

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Year of russian 2007 is
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Kegor 05.06.2018
Sadly it seems so in the US anyway.
Kilmaran 14.06.2018
None so blind as those who refuse to see.
Mitaur 17.06.2018
Many believe in the God of The Bible.
Aragore 26.06.2018
it is always about the economy.
Zulujin 04.07.2018
Anythings better then Blue! lol
Vudolar 14.07.2018
Wow. I feel so... good.
Taumi 20.07.2018
How charming of you to notice.
Gardagar 23.07.2018
Seriously? You need examples to contemporary politics?
Akikora 29.07.2018
that makes no sense
Goltiramar 31.07.2018
I vote that we place Captain Kirk in charge.
Mezizil 09.08.2018
That is quite humorous
Takasa 09.08.2018
So nothing really kick off able. Go figure.

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