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Okay. I was referring to creation accounts both worldwide and across history. But, since you mention the bible, why are there differences between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2?

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Chubby naked men
Chubby naked men
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Milrajas 27.05.2018
this is the kind of stupidity that idiots write:
Mazumuro 02.06.2018
Hey moron it was a scientist from.
Arashir 05.06.2018
Yup. And only cost us taxpayers $300,000.
Tygole 08.06.2018
Could you tell I was smiling?
Grora 15.06.2018
One where the Constitution isn't taught in schools.
Zolosar 18.06.2018
Or voting clowns like Little Timmy into office!!!
Vulabar 26.06.2018
Then you are an agnostic. not an athest.
Yoshakar 03.07.2018
Should have *never* sold more than 49%.
Vugis 12.07.2018
My mother and step dad prefers the cold too
Nedal 16.07.2018
Maybe we're living in a movie.
Dogore 20.07.2018
hard to get the truth out of performers.
Zulkitilar 26.07.2018
Wow! Nice cabinets! Good job.
Vogis 29.07.2018
Rose is the only person you know on here?
Kerr 03.08.2018
How would you decide.
Dishakar 04.08.2018
Who is that directed toward? he slaves?
Douzragore 09.08.2018
''lurks beyond our solar system.''
Kagakora 15.08.2018
Meanwhile, my questions are:
Shakajora 22.08.2018
And of course the biblical records have been verified.
Mikasida 28.08.2018
Your lies are, clear-cut evidence. ?
Voodoosho 30.08.2018
The power to tax is the power to destroy.
Jubar 07.09.2018
Trump is a liberal then?
Meztisar 15.09.2018
That's your opinion. Whatever.
Nirisar 25.09.2018 about a pash....
Vilmaran 26.09.2018
Oh sorry for the people that lost their ones
Dujora 30.09.2018
No it is not. Your comments are idiotic
Tubar 11.10.2018
In that case, I've already provided proof.
Mazuzshura 14.10.2018
It's a mental illness.
Taugul 22.10.2018
How many people they killed so far?
Tausho 31.10.2018
I don't deny my faith. I am a Christian.

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