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Gonna crack 1000 comments again, Greenlantern you'll have to start paying us soon...??

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Male stripper sex movies
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Kikora 17.07.2018
Godless foul mouthed heathens
Kerg 26.07.2018
Categorizing is a good way to understand a group.
Shaktikree 29.07.2018
Is your consciousness conscious?
Samurn 31.07.2018
Ok sounds good. Hopefully I?ll see you around.
Dajas 04.08.2018
"A Democrat who is a "Former Journalist."
Vura 07.08.2018
Hahah u said further down ??
Kaganos 08.08.2018
they are--- but they are so life like-
Jurr 14.08.2018
That is ok defense wins championships.
Daijora 22.08.2018
I have the greatest respect for anyone?s choice of
Nadal 29.08.2018
Also, what question can my side not answer ever?
Nerisar 06.09.2018
finally .....How was your Day ???
Saramar 09.09.2018
fine, YOU WIN!
Gardat 13.09.2018
This country like a giant Jerry Springer set
Kazikinos 20.09.2018
I'm not surprised.... two morons at a Trump rally.
Akinoramar 28.09.2018
The truth of what? Your unsubstantiated claims?
Kajihn 08.10.2018
Such a simple approach. KISS. Keep It Simple, Stupid.
Zulkikree 14.10.2018
"Broken legs"? That's "racism"!!!!!!! :--(
Voodoomuro 21.10.2018
2 out of 3? Which one don't you like?
Daibei 30.10.2018
How about Donny Jackass?
Guzragore 06.11.2018
Irrelevant. You changed the subject.
Kazrasar 06.11.2018
Reasoned apiarism strikes again.
Kazigrel 14.11.2018
What about atheists like myself ?
Goltim 17.11.2018
I'm sorry. You are right.
Balmaran 25.11.2018
Who wants to ask me a question?
Gurn 27.11.2018
"Empty Nothing" ... very descriptive.
Tukinos 07.12.2018
Potted plants on verandah ? ?

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