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- Christians are deceived by their false doctrine that "Freedom Of Religion" is from their God.

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Vosar 15.06.2018
That would be the Russians doing the soliciting.
Doumuro 24.06.2018
So you had to be corrected, I guess
Voodoosar 01.07.2018
I smell class action litigation here.??
JoJokasa 11.07.2018
Ah yes I remember this,
Nikonris 15.07.2018
Let me show you how Phuck...
Midal 18.07.2018
the Spanish colonization is working excellently well
Diramar 24.07.2018
How can it be unlawful to remove something unlawful?
Nakasa 02.08.2018
There is no evidence of what you are saying.
Meztishura 06.08.2018
one is the evolved version of the other ;)
Zulugrel 08.08.2018
What a purely idiotic comment
Taut 18.08.2018
Weeeeeeeeree Work avoidance mode activated!
Zukus 23.08.2018
Surely this is satirical lol
Kek 29.08.2018
Dear Jesus someone stole her Chin, Help Help her....
Nile 03.09.2018
ahh yes..anything you can't explain away is a metaphor.
Majar 06.09.2018
You put together some words.
Faemuro 13.09.2018
Do you think said someone would be caught?
Arakus 16.09.2018
Covering all his bets, I reckon.
Akijind 20.09.2018
No it is not. Your comments are idiotic
Zolomi 30.09.2018
Goodnight everyone!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!!
Felrajas 06.10.2018
I havent missed work that's for sure.
Brarisar 10.10.2018
How is my view that of discrimination? Or oppression?

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