Getting started as a motorcycle rider for life


One weekend ride is typically all it takes to make a lifer out of most riders.  A two day trip suddenly turns into a lifetime journey with all the adventures and new friends that come with it.  What most experienced riders will tell you is that after you get your basic gear, the next two best things you’ll need are the right riding buddies and the best accessories.

When it comes to the best accessories for riders, it all depends on where and how long you plan to ride on any given trip.  Personal preference plays an important role here, too.  Helmets, gloves, boots, toolkits, smartphones, apps, and even the best phone charger for motorcycle riders are all a matter of personal taste and the specific features you’ll need.

When it comes to meeting friends you can ride with, personal taste still plays a role, but you’ll need to know where to look.  After all, finding riding buddies isn’t just a matter of ordering one online and waiting for it to show up in the mail!

It’s up to you to seek out some great people who can help you to become a better rider and to know how to get yourself ready for trips.  They can also be great motivators to get you to try thinks you wouldn’t have thought of on your own.  Plus, when a day comes to an end, it’s always nice to have someone to hang with over a relaxing drink and something to eat.

Here are some great places to meet some new riding buddies to travel with the next time you head out on the road: – this is a huge website meant to help local groups and gatherings to bring people of common interests together.

Motorcycle rider hangouts – every city has its cafes, scenic stops and other locations where riders tend to come together. At places like that, people are highly approachable, making it easy to start a conversation with them.

Adventure Bike Rallys – these are huge gatherings where you can learn a huge amount about trip prepping, off roading and a lot of the latest and hottest products. It’s also an ideal place to run into new people you can talk to and potentially keep in touch with.

Organized tours – sign up for an organized tour and you’ll automatically be sharing your experience with other riders. You might find yourself making friends with some of them quite quickly since you’ll be starting off with a tour in common.

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