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The only places said prophecies are fulfilled is in the Bible. Therefore, nothing in it is prophetic.

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Meztiktilar 08.07.2018
Why whoever's sitting on the golden toilet of course!
Jujas 12.07.2018
the books themselves; torah/bible/quran.
Mooguzilkree 21.07.2018
All purpose? That's a first for me.
Dousar 31.07.2018
We're *still* waiting for your "biological" facts...
Junos 07.08.2018
...and Truman was really a very remarkable man.
Goltisar 12.08.2018
It WAS NOT a bet, bless your heart.
Maunos 14.08.2018
Huh? Surely you jest. [snarls lip]
Mikazilkree 23.08.2018
It is really easy
Vudosho 28.08.2018
You obviously have not.
Mazulabar 03.09.2018
Fine, stick with your delusion.
Tajora 06.09.2018
Rewarding evil What evil?
Malajas 14.09.2018
Bwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaa!!!! Totally stealing this one!
Nelar 17.09.2018
Pretty sure it was Star Wars.
Zugami 24.09.2018
There are 30 questions..
Gardataur 27.09.2018
Hi Manfred. Nice to get a thoughtful response.
Faeran 30.09.2018
Very original, like all leftist ideas.
Tojashakar 09.10.2018
I give everyone the benefit of the doubt here.
JoJogor 15.10.2018
Exactly. You're proving my point.
Vicage 18.10.2018
I pee in the bushes
Zulkigar 23.10.2018
What is the parent gets drunk tho?
Tam 31.10.2018
Thanks! It will pass...
Zudal 10.11.2018
And which point is that?
Tautaxe 15.11.2018
I feel like a cat in a box.
Malasho 18.11.2018
English isn't your first it..
Akinojora 19.11.2018
they are ugly ones :)

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