RVs have proven to be extremely popular among the millennial crowd who want to experience the joys of living on the go. However, the problem stems from the fact that they are unsure whether or not they are ready to invest a ton of money on a new RV. This is why it becomes easy for you to convince them to buy used RVs instead, leading to the emergence of a niche market. You need to try and come up with new ways on how to sell an RV to these interested buyers. However, the sales process is not as simple as it seems as these individuals are environmentally conscious and do not wish to rack up their carbon footprint. Therefore, you need to green up your RV before the transaction in order to appeal to the new generation. Following are some simple and easy methods for greening up your mobile home.

Investing in a Good Quality Water Filtration Setup

You should try to search for a high-end water filtration system to install in your RV. There are a lot of good options available in the market that are not too pricey. You also need to ensure that the size is not too large, so that you use up minimal space in your RV. Setting up this mechanism in your vehicle will not only allow your buyers to save money on bottled water, but they will also not have to worry about plastic waste.

Save on Electricity

You should consider switching from regular bulbs to LED lights. This will allow for the conservation of energy and money in the long-run, and will also be a strong selling point. LED lights use up very little electricity and so they enable users to dry camp for longer periods of time without worrying about battery longevity. Moreover, LEDs are cooler to the touch than traditional halogen bulbs and so they enable the interior of the coach to stay pleasant during the summer season.

Deal with Water Issues in Your RV

If you wish to raise your RV’s value prior to the sale, you might have to get new aerators for your bathroom and kitchen. You can get eco-friendly showerheads in hardware shops. Doing so will allow you to conserve water, maintain good water pressure and provide RV users the chance to camp for a longer period before having to dump the grey water.

Solve Your Energy Problems

Even if you invest in a portable, mini-sized solar panel, it can generate sufficient amount of electricity to power up most electronics present in your RV. This means you can stay off the cord longer and save both money and energy. You can use the electricity generated by the solar panels to cook your meals, run fans in the RV and power the lights – all without having to turn on your generator for a couple of days. Using solar-powered equipment means that there is no wastage of energy going on in the RV and this can prove to be a great sales pitch.

Highlight Compatibility with Bio Diesel

Most RVs in the market can run on bio diesel. Please check beforehand with your engine manufacturer to know for sure whether your model supports bio fuel. If it does, you can freely switch between diesel and bio diesel blends minus any hiccups. In case the engine of the vehicle is past its term of warranty, it can be run using 100 percent bio diesel.  Some enterprising folks run their RVs using veggie oil and you can focus on this adaptable nature of the mobile home when preparing your sales pitch.

If you are unsure about how to sell an RV, simply go green and see the millennial crowd line up to get their hands on your ride. Greening up your RV is not just a good sales gimmick, but it actually saves the environment in the long-run.

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