Lamborghini Ankonian. Not Very Quick But Truly Decipherable


During 2009 the Lamborghini Company revealed about growth of multiple and bio-fuel supercars and also declared its plan to obtain a 35% decrease in the CO2 pollutants generated by its automobiles by the season 2015. All in all, Lamborghini planed to make €35 thousand investment strategies into developing more eco-friendly top quality vehicles.

A Lamborghini Ankonian idea car became one of such improvements. It is based on the extremely costly and extremely exclusive Lamborghini Reventon but has its principles. It has a rather competitive external and a pointed filter body shell. In addition, it can be categorized as a nature-friendly “eco-mobile”.

Ankonian is Lamborghini’s innovative growth. The writer of this idea car is a fresh developer Slavche Tanevski who worked well together with experts from Lamborghini and Rolls royce. This university student of the Munich School of Used Sciences has already taken part in tasks for Small, Nova, Bmw and BMW. A German created of Yugoslavian source (born in Macedonia) was motivated by the settings and outside of the strategic attack airplane Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk developed with turn invisible technological innovation. It took Slavche six months to produce a clay-model of the all-new automobile.

The Lamborghini Ankonian Idea was done in my second term as portion of the Lamborghini Raw Components Venture led by Prof. Dr. Othmar Wickenheiser, where many learners at the university could get involved in.

Following the Lamborghini custom I known as the car ‘Ankonian’ after the fluff type which is well known for his black hair (that’s why I decided black).

The idea is a mid-engine super car that is not ‘green’, yet it reveals ecological liability, and therefore is cut down.

I did not choose the today’s mid-engine super car commonplaces (visual elements, extreme size, cab ahead, competitive), but a rather filter whole body, cab in reverse traditional GT figure, and complexity/combination of sentimental and angular areas. Instead, to show power and violence through some crazy visual components, I obtained the same through the complexness of the basic whole body is designed softly and the angular, furtive and distinct components, which emphasize of protects.

Concerning the style terminology, I put the Revenson style to the next level, even more competitive and insane, but yet stylish, and better.

The basic styles behind the idea, which actually create the selected style terminology even more powerful, are ‘underground’ and ‘hardcore’. This is accomplished by the pie types, for example, but mostly with the shade mixture of bright black and his black greyish.

During the style process we cut returning the custom (we did it old school)-clay modelling instead of CAD modelling. It took approximately. 6 months to actually develop the design and it was a great chance to try different opportunities concerning the outer lining area control and the ratios. This how the style doesn’t look ‘artificial’, but older, and due of which we had continuous support by Lamborghini and Rolls Royce Innovative developers, the last styles have professional touch.

Even though very insane and on first look complex, all Ankonian collections and crossing points work together. Due to the stress in the collections and the concave and convex areas, there is an impact of a powerful and powerful whole body. The big canyons and the proven reality that the end was put on a diet give it a very light overall look. In addition, the hot-rod position gives it a force ahead, and the representational existence of pizza and the arrow-like entrance visual create the car dynamical, when it is in status place.

By making the typical front lighting design, and having very slim OLEDs included between the areas, an unusual and strange feeling is obtained. The same concept was used at the rear again too, by doing an alien-like face with two big exhausts as sight, and diffuser / extractor as oral cavity. Again, the lighting are put on a job man would not anticipate

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