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Mela cojo bien rico

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I'm not going to debate Jesus commands to spread the news.

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Mela cojo bien rico
Mela cojo bien rico
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Gosar 06.06.2018
Thanks, joe. Cheers to you, too.
Zulujas 16.06.2018
Good morning to you, how are you today ?
Nikomuro 22.06.2018
As always, very interesting!!!!
Meran 30.06.2018
Bullcrap. Go to church.
Faunris 01.07.2018
Looks like something that
Zumuro 04.07.2018
Morals come from your God.
Grosar 06.07.2018
Incorrect. He fulfilled the Messianic prophecies to a T.
Mezilmaran 09.07.2018
From the source article:
Gardagor 10.07.2018
No one deserves hell. Not even serial killers.
Arashigrel 19.07.2018
I will give some examples:
Shasar 24.07.2018
A pretty crap way of understanding the individuals though.
Malakree 03.08.2018
No problem, and I appreciate that.
Mikadal 13.08.2018
No. Not at all

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