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Older Women montenegro

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Hands up anyone who remembers trump tweeting about how "weak" Obama was for using sanctions instead of bombs and bullets and boots on the ground?

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Older Women montenegro
Older Women montenegro
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Akikora 19.08.2018
Sometimes 1 time is too many times! LOL
Yozshucage 27.08.2018
Brainwashing is strong with religious types.
Duzil 28.08.2018
Damn! Those blue pills really do work!
Yor 03.09.2018
I'm telling your deacons!
Vudoran 10.09.2018
Ooh! Shall we have a contest?
JoJoll 12.09.2018
arizona is where I am at.
Akilmaran 16.09.2018
but they can eliminate possibilities and point to probabilities
Taudal 24.09.2018
What a pathetic, thin-skinned little pansy.
Brara 02.10.2018
not really. personally yes.
Fauzuru 07.10.2018
Show me how to do it.

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