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Its irrelevant whether you trust me or not. There are loads of people who get healed by God.

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Daijar 17.08.2018
Personally whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas !!
Diktilar 23.08.2018
That rant made zero sense.
Vudolrajas 01.09.2018
Only if someone stole it.
Goramar 09.09.2018
Gotta to do better than that, God.
Doukree 19.09.2018
Hey welcome back Lovely Rita
Faurn 27.09.2018
Johnson was saved by one vote.
Sashakar 29.09.2018
actually - the did 'break bread
Tygomi 08.10.2018
You?re a defender. You defend your loved ones :)
Kajind 13.10.2018
How do you know it's bad for them?
Vubar 23.10.2018
What are you, a 12 year old squee girl?
Kajinn 25.10.2018
Smart youngin. Wish you best of luck
Meztigore 03.11.2018
pan not all sources filled by only true talk.
Voshura 03.11.2018
I will answer with scripture:)
Galmaran 13.11.2018
Horrible dreams to Ghost?No way??
Shakakazahn 15.11.2018
Do you have a link?
Zuran 18.11.2018
First: you are never a lone
Mikamuro 20.11.2018
I hope you had great day
Arami 24.11.2018
yes hun i will <3
Kigazragore 02.12.2018
oh no - Paul too kept Sabbath.
Malam 12.12.2018
"atheists like you exposed as hateful"
Miramar 16.12.2018
My man crush is just smug ??????
Negor 24.12.2018
Then, who's busier than a doc? :O
Vuzragore 25.12.2018
You don?t get to choose where you?re born.
Kigasida 30.12.2018
Wow! That is nice!
Akikree 03.01.2019
It was written as if it was factual.
Arazragore 04.01.2019
Then you don't know much about child psychology.
Kagam 06.01.2019
It is for the students.
Torn 14.01.2019
What about the constitutional rights of the unborn child???

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