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It would change nothing since even today the only firearms not required to have a serial number are ones made by the person possessing them and to get around your brillant scheme all a criminal would have to do is scratch "001" on something they made to get around the "it has no serial number" law.

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JoJobei 04.06.2018
1. Body, burst of light, no body resurrection
Akikazahn 08.06.2018
FEAR. It's all over you.
Dijinn 13.06.2018
This reminded me of something.
Tygotaur 19.06.2018
my one true love.... :)
Mezigis 28.06.2018
How will you get criminals to register their guns?
Kagajin 02.07.2018
Yes, yes he is. Burns is just dreamy.
Shaktizilkree 04.07.2018
Or make you a decent author. ;)
Shazragore 12.07.2018
Three people, hundreds of years, they somehow worked together?
Meztiran 16.07.2018
Why you want a wife for God?
Yojinn 19.07.2018
Invites sent and pic added.
Faurisar 29.07.2018
I've got a Jesus and Mary chain.....
Meshicage 05.08.2018
Seems to be a theme through the comments.
Dijar 14.08.2018
You can do better than that!
Faujora 19.08.2018
Are you being serious? It is all fiction
Kilkis 23.08.2018
Please, keep believing that!
Yozshuzilkree 27.08.2018
Everything after In the beginning kinda sucks balls.
Datilar 03.09.2018
Watch Fox News Live Here:
Akikasa 12.09.2018
That movie didn't exist back then??
Ararisar 16.09.2018
How about this these
Negal 25.09.2018
Hardly a mainstream, peer-reviewed historical source.
Samumuro 04.10.2018
We already replace the indigenous population. Except in Oklahoma.
Daisida 05.10.2018
Why you are so beautiful
Shaktilar 08.10.2018
I will do that
Vushura 10.10.2018
hahahaha good joke haha!

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