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You have talked with God? Does he have a deep voice? An American accent? What does he look like?

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Shabei 05.06.2018
No pass... you gonna smoked ??????
Kigazilkree 13.06.2018
Hm. Why is that?
Faucage 16.06.2018
Really? That's great. Which limbs?
Vitaxe 22.06.2018
Good morning, Ringingthebells. :)
Grolkis 02.07.2018
Yes, I have. But only by accident.
Moogukora 08.07.2018
More like,Walk Of Shame,now.Who cares.I don't.
Tauk 11.07.2018
Did you miss the "+"?
Samujind 16.07.2018
the Bible does not explicitly advise to do so
Goltigar 21.07.2018
No they are not trending more towards secularism.

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