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What? Is freedom of choice and individuality only valid for some and not others?

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Momi 03.06.2018
Again I haven't denied that homosexuality occurs in nature.
Vigul 08.06.2018
What are Islam's good ideas, in your opinion?
Zukasa 18.06.2018
Now Jesus, a long dead guy, needs
Mokinos 28.06.2018
What a dumb question.
Kekora 04.07.2018
Guess what , any one offended had ZERO reason!
Domi 09.07.2018
Humbling? How about backwards and out of touch.
Kajar 13.07.2018
Always makes me wonder who made them billionaires.
Tabar 21.07.2018
Or just sitting there for some privacy.
Doubei 28.07.2018
It has nothing to do with lack of religion.

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