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Wow are you way off base. Without god there are no morals? Poppycock. Morals are for the good of societies and conform to what the society deems good for them. We have decided that equality is important and that all people should be equal. In practice, we are still striving to that end but religion and god gives rules that says that all people are not equal and should not have equal rights. Is it moral to deny people the right to marry just because of who they love? Is it right to tell a woman that she must carry a fetus to term even on her own death? Is it right to say that people whose skin color is different from yours are OK to be slaves or aren't considered a full human being? That is just some of what god teaches us through his religions.

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Press bobs and fuck
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Kigajora 03.06.2018
I would not bang her.
Voodoozragore 04.06.2018
Hypocrisy is not illegal. Criminal misrepresentation is.
Gotaxe 06.06.2018
Lol thanks :p I probably should have practiced more
Tygomuro 10.06.2018
Bahahahaha!!! GOP landslide straight down the toilet.
Samule 13.06.2018
I think I read about them in Junzt's
Jujar 14.06.2018
!invite all climate nuts
Garr 20.06.2018
Because they are jealous.
Tele 21.06.2018
Lol, nice thought though.
Goltilmaran 30.06.2018
Canada will not the people are the wrong race
Gardasida 07.07.2018
Pics of the crazy naked chick?
Samujin 16.07.2018
Yup. Works for me.

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