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Your homophobic attitude is SINFUL. Join the USA Military if you're not in it. It's full of homophobic, sexist warmongers.

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Dalrajas 06.06.2018
Harmonizes or simply plagiarizes plot and theme?
Tekasa 16.06.2018
You won't want to see this in those shorts.
JoJokree 25.06.2018
Great Quotes In California History:
Mezijind 27.06.2018
Only Jews are Abrahamic. Not that popular.
Kemi 06.07.2018
Jenna Coleman playing Clara Oswald also from Doctor Who.
Yozshugor 14.07.2018
One of my favorites.........."Take on me, Take on me"
Guzahn 23.07.2018
How close is Nemesis supposed to be?
Kajitaur 01.08.2018
16 is not a child, but still

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