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IF you are an atheist, then by default, you are NOT concerned with human suffering. Right. religious people never caused human suffering. What atheist caused human suffering in the name of atheism? They may have hated religion but not because they were atheist but because the religion had the chance of too much power. I know lots of people who are atheists and many do great works with people who are suffering. One actually has nothing to do with the other. Just look at our government spouting religion as an excuse to take children from their parents. Get your head out of your butt.

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Sex online personal free
Sex online personal free
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Fauzragore 08.08.2018
Why do Theists Commonly Dislike Atheists?
Tenos 15.08.2018
This wasn't the action of a party.
Arashisida 23.08.2018
Durn fiscal responsibility, that's for losers without guns.
Shakahn 25.08.2018
obviously you are insane.
Mosho 31.08.2018
But, but = Oh my!!!
Nijora 06.09.2018
Until Christians. did you mean Romans?
Grodal 17.09.2018
Nobody will ever approach God with their intellect.
Faulkis 21.09.2018
Maybe he just likes America.
Brazshura 30.09.2018
I understand it easier now! Thank you so much!
Manos 08.10.2018
Genocide and slavery are not justified even in war.
Kazrall 18.10.2018
Non sequitur rejected. I accept your retreat.
Mezigore 26.10.2018
Yeah! Thanks for the correction!
Mejinn 29.10.2018
1 represents an absolute certainty.
Tygokora 04.11.2018
Rambo. The 80s classic.
Mosida 06.11.2018
That isn't what Genesis says:
Vulmaran 11.11.2018
Of illnesses. Not of causes.
Kazralar 20.11.2018
Jesus will soon show who are his true disciples.
Kazrakazahn 28.11.2018
Just dying to accuse somebody of that huh?
Kisida 03.12.2018
Hola! Gracias por ensenarme. Apreciado!!
Malagrel 05.12.2018
It may be stupid for simple people.??
Kagashura 16.12.2018
Does the term "Military Necessity" come into mind?

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