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First its plastic straws destroying the environment. NOW no washing of condoms!?!, straight into the trash they say...The world will be awash in unclean used condoms. OH THE HUMANITY.

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Togis 06.06.2018
And you've negated the placebo effect how?
Meshicage 10.06.2018
Nice. Have you heard any of their new stuff?
Akinozshura 15.06.2018
Don't most major candidates get that?
Dilar 24.06.2018
Arrogant, falsely superior, and abysmally ignorant.
Vomi 25.06.2018
Not at all XD
Zulurisar 27.06.2018
Maybe he's a 6th Day Adventist?
Arashizuru 29.06.2018
:O I like him even more now!!!
Magal 01.07.2018
Yes, you are right, he isn't a scientist.
Dulrajas 09.07.2018
Can I second that thought?

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