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There's no scientific evidence of this god. Why would we reference him in anything?

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Amateur naked females
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Faesho 14.08.2018
then i've misunderstood the policy here.
Dougami 16.08.2018
That s just too stupid for words.
Yozshuran 23.08.2018
I don't like this to happen to me
Akinoshakar 24.08.2018
Charles Manson comes directly to mind.
Gurn 31.08.2018
I like him, too. LOL
Kigajinn 31.08.2018
How does that help kids with cancer?
Dujin 10.09.2018
Damn. My secret is out.
Ker 19.09.2018
If I'd been the pig-keeper, I'd've been furious.
Zulkizragore 26.09.2018
So why don?t you understand basic biology, and statistics?
Yolkis 03.10.2018
XD It's good to be back!

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