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He is not being suppressed, just being denied access to someone else's property. He is free to express himself wherever he finds a place willing to let him set up his soapbox. He's free to set up his own channel. His supporters are free to assist him in building that capability. But he has no right to use someone else's channel if they don't want him to.

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Black teen gril wite guy
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Kajirn 25.07.2018
LOL That was funny :)
Mojinn 30.07.2018
No idea what your point is...
Kazrajin 01.08.2018
You choose to see Yeshua that way.
Mazuk 09.08.2018
Wrong again. Way to sabotage your own channel.
Mukinos 19.08.2018
That made me chuckle.
Gojora 28.08.2018
Ummm...GOP are republicans. the same party trump ran under.
Felrajas 06.09.2018
Uh. By his comments. Go read ?em.
Bamuro 12.09.2018
What if it is butter?
Voodoolkis 18.09.2018
And evidently irrelevant to you.
Mutaur 28.09.2018
If you believe in God, you believe in magic.
Dukazahn 01.10.2018
Nope, it'll always be here.
Faurg 08.10.2018
Hey T... Drop me an email.
Zulutaur 18.10.2018
The English phrases equal 825,
Keshicage 22.10.2018
They all sound like a bunch of idiots.
Akikinos 23.10.2018
These are nice too
Yozshudal 27.10.2018
The oceans have a bigger effect then most imagine.
Vumi 30.10.2018
The Nazis burned books. They were not religious.
Arazuru 07.11.2018
??.. lots of experience I guess
Gardagar 16.11.2018
How many sessions did she have?
Goltigor 18.11.2018
I think so, don't you?
Brarisar 19.11.2018
Lick it, sucko. Truth hurts you, I know.
Tekora 25.11.2018
is that all those are good for?
Goltigami 29.11.2018
Off you go to Ignoristan. blocked.
Arashikora 01.12.2018
And your proof is?
Zulujora 04.12.2018
Drejka?s gotta countersue. Play their game.
Gorn 09.12.2018
and these 2 are the intellectual ones....
Kara 12.12.2018
He?s finished. Democrats are a diverse bunch.
Samuzahn 18.12.2018
No.. bcoz it's morning here lol

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