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My ambulance chasing local lawyers that scream at me every morning on the television could have mounted a more competent legal defense.

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Shaktikinos 13.07.2018
Looks like it's morning smoko mate.Golden labs,cool.
Dounris 23.07.2018
You are 100% correct.
Gulrajas 01.08.2018
Good morning coffee achievers.
Misho 11.08.2018
go away Democrat Nazi boy...
Fenrit 21.08.2018
Yeah. Shoemart did kinda miss the point though.
Murn 24.08.2018
Ha ha! neither am I :-)
Vozahn 26.08.2018
With Hussein and man wife next!
Mocage 29.08.2018
I was one of the 37 retweets.
Zulkijind 08.09.2018
I moved my comment, and changed this one
Kazrashicage 16.09.2018
Mueller probably kept her best ones.
Kabar 24.09.2018
Or the tiny porsche or corvette they drive too.
JoJor 28.09.2018
Pretty sure it was Star Wars.
Kagamuro 03.10.2018
Care to identify this grammatical error?
Kashura 09.10.2018
Maybe the author of this OP ought to
Voodoomi 12.10.2018
As much as your comments, for sure.
Kajijind 19.10.2018
To each their own...I like drinking more than gaming
Dilabar 28.10.2018
Haha drunk ..shame shame ??

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