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That is incorrect. It has been happening for years. You only became aware of it recently. It is a bad idea no matter who does it. Trump is worse be cause he used it as a political tool.

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A e b n gay
A e b n gay
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Mezijin 14.06.2018
I can agree with you there.
Vira 19.06.2018
That's not uncommon at all.
Kajigis 20.06.2018
Yes Jonathan, but both death and hell were emptied
Nikojin 27.06.2018
Picard is coming back fyi.
Mezilar 01.07.2018
Not when being threatened to "stop it or else."
Mut 09.07.2018
you are conflating faith with confidence.
Vilmaran 18.07.2018
Do you have a point your trying to make?
Yozshugrel 25.07.2018
Lol, you do not know your history
Zululmaran 03.08.2018
LMFAO....don't like my answer? Then don't ask stupid questions.
Nesar 09.08.2018
re: Okay. Adoption is not a wedding cake.
Kigarr 12.08.2018
It?s a good way to excercise your mind ????????????
Kazrajin 13.08.2018
Cleveland? Well I spent a week there one day.
Tojinn 23.08.2018
He didn't study mathematics
Dainos 29.08.2018
Anytime, I like to help when I can
Arashitaur 30.08.2018
Ouh yeah to the GTO !
Gardadal 05.09.2018
Can science or secularism answer ANY metaphysical questions?
Tygoshakar 12.09.2018
Rabbis don't do anything like that.
Douzilkree 17.09.2018
Not from another female it won?t be.
Tajora 27.09.2018
You got it. That comment was
Jugul 07.10.2018
I'm finding some nice creepy pics.
Vum 17.10.2018
Something like that. You?re close...
Kadal 25.10.2018
Gee, what a fucking shame.
Gajinn 03.11.2018
That's the camel's piss right.????????????????

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