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The Bible never mentions God's sense of humor as such but if man were made in His image and we have a sense of humor then surely your God must?

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Goltik 18.07.2018
that's the polite term for them.
Tura 26.07.2018
Indeed that's true. Disqus is odd sometimes.
Telkree 27.07.2018
Neither does Midwest white trash.
Feran 01.08.2018
Well I am right, let's move forward.
Nikoshura 02.08.2018
Yes it's a shity future. Poor kids.
Daiktilar 07.08.2018
Those were both awesome for escape from reality movies.
Kikinos 10.08.2018
This is DIRECTLY from their website,
Shakarn 19.08.2018
Truthy, so... do we dig the well or not?
Nimi 28.08.2018
You get that everywhere.even here at times. ? ?
Megis 31.08.2018
Where does it predict microbes?
Goltigul 09.09.2018
Johnny Depp approves of your smiley face
Nikojas 19.09.2018
There is eternal space.
Neramar 26.09.2018
What, you thought that was Agnew's vocabulary? :-)
Tazilkree 30.09.2018
And it was sooooooooooooo peaceful! ;-)
Fenrilkree 05.10.2018
So you grew up in an atheist home?
Mile 11.10.2018
Then u succeeded ??????
Kigadal 16.10.2018
Idiots. Total idiots. They can always move.

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