Tachyon OBD2 Scan Tool for Toyota Hybrids

Tachyon Droid Hybrid (OBD2)

The must have servicing system with every Multiple automobile owners. Multiple automobiles include of very complicated digital control systems. They depend on much sensor information and a small breakdown in any of those receptors will lead to disastrous problems dealing paying lots of money. Tachyon H1 is exclusively engineered to early identify these problems and helps you to save your money. It can.

Tachyon OBD2 Scan Tool for Toyota Hybrids

Monitor Multiple Tachyon Android operating system OBDII Scan tool www.tachyontechtools.comBattery and System
Hybrid Product is the key element in a Multiple Vehicle. The whole energy preserving is based on the position of the Multiple Program and Multiple Battery power. Appropriate monitoring and examining the Multiple Battery power will extend battery
Read and Clear Analytic Trouble Requirements in Multiple Operator, ECU, EMPS, ABS, Air Purses and AC system DTCs are the first signs that there is a breakdown in it. Appropriate recognition and solving it may preserve lots of money that you may spend on expensive servicing.

Tachyon Android operating system OBDII Scan tool www.tachyontechtools.com

Track all Trips

The Tachyon H1Software can monitor and store an endless number of journey recodes. Each Trip record will contain that trip’s Fuel intake, range journeyed and gas mileage. Also, the H1 device can preserve to 25 such visits in the system, without application support.

Install highly effective Android operating system Tachyon Android operating system app and get essential features at your fingertip

GPS Based Vehicle Direction Tracking

Real-time Fuel Economic system, intake calculation


Installing the Tachyon H1 Wireless OBDII Scan tool for your automobile is easy as ABC.

A. Link the Tachyon H1OBDII Scan tool to the OBDII slot of your automobile. This is usually situated in close to the steering column
B. Couple the system with your PC Software or OBDII Tachyon Android operating app.
C. Start the engine, Choose the method and media “Connect” key.
Supporting Compounds include

All Chevy Multiple Designs made from 2007 onwards
• Prius
• Prius alpha
• Prius S
• Prius C
• Aqua
• Yaris Hybrid
• Axio Hybrid
• Avalon Hybrid
• Camry Hybrid
• Highlander Hybrid
• Auris Hybrid
• Top Hybrid

Tachyon Several Android working program os is an OBDII Motorsport Device specifically designed for Chevrolet several vehicles. With impressive features in Tachyon H1 OBD2 Oral equipment Android working program os, you will be able to see how your automobile is performing real-time or off-line.

GPS Based Observe View:

With Tachyon Android app, you can track your vehicle’s generating path using GPS. Also, it will overlay your gas mileage difference in that path. This is will be helpful to find out the best tracks, generating styles and traffic conditions.

Fast Reliable OBDII Wireless 3.0 link:

The Tachyon T100 BT device comes with high-speed OBDII Wireless 3.0 Interaction link that can connect up to 2MBps.

MyTripData signing facility:

With Tachyon, now you don’t need to use Android working program or PC OBDII Analytic app consistently to acquire journey data. Just keep T100 OBDII Wireless device connected and it will instantly monitor and shop your journey distance, absorbed energy and gas mileage. Also, T100 OBDII Wireless device can shop up to 25 individual visits. This journey information is easy to acquire and display using Tachyon Android or Tachyon T1 Software.

PowerSave Technology:

Once you use it, just keep it there. With Tachyon PowerSave technological innovation you can keep the Tachyon T100 OBDII Wireless device connected all plenty of your time. The PowerSave technological innovation will force the T100 OBDII Wireless device to a deep-sleep method when there is no activity and quickly comes into existence when a vehicle begins. During the Deep-Sleep method, the device takes in only 1/10 of power compared to live method, which enables the device connected without depleting the battery.

Tachyon Droid Hybrid

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