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Service on teen court

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I'm trying to help you don't buy a billboard and advertise how wrong you are about the single most important fact of all reality. It's not a good look, and though we can handle your obnoxiousness, it's still a drag on a day's happiness.

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Service on teen court
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Tumuro 13.07.2018
Well I appreciate the upvotes, thank you Lantern
Dujar 17.07.2018
Yes, you are right.
Gardalkis 27.07.2018
What narrative? am I running for congress?
Nikokinos 03.08.2018
Isn't that dealing with it?
Meztikazahn 08.08.2018
They ain't liberals, mate.
Samular 11.08.2018
How do you know they banned your IP?
Mull 15.08.2018
Yeah, we agree 9 democrats do.
Jujinn 25.08.2018
In this discussion, your bias is towards your religion.
Shaktik 31.08.2018
Is Groothuis a Presuppositionalist?
Naramar 10.09.2018
Stars are made out of the elements, right?
Maukus 16.09.2018
Pretend what? Reality already agrees.
Kajar 23.09.2018
Ok what do you do again??
Arashirisar 02.10.2018
Good point. Should be WASP privilege.
Zusho 11.10.2018
Modern feminism is about women being equals, not victims.
Nikozahn 17.10.2018
I am a huge NFL fan
Zulugrel 20.10.2018
So would you like to sell me your daughter?
Shaktijinn 30.10.2018
Ffftt! bastard!....the coffee out my nose!
Kagasida 05.11.2018
I think you missed the context. ;)
Tojagal 11.11.2018
Here you go, @Gillette.
Vudole 13.11.2018
Bravo and VERY well stated.
Fenris 17.11.2018
Not in the narrative of the bible no.
Zulkijinn 27.11.2018
And do the same with your offspring please.

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