The Many Benefits Of Quality Ute Trays


One of the main reasons most people choose to purchase a utility vehicle is that they are designed to handle some of the toughest jobs, and make transporting heavy, or oddly shaped cargo, much easier. Whether heading out for a weekend camping excursion, tending to farming or landscaping duties, or utilising the truck for commercial purposes, one’s choice of Ute trays is an important decision. This is especially relevant because these machines often double as a contractor’s mobile work unit.

Ute trays are actually the cargo space of a utility UTE, set in the area where the bed of a pick up would normally be, and it is one of the more versatile add-ons available, as it can be customised for a whole array of uses. The design choices are incredibly flexible, with the option to be specially sized to fit single, dual, or extra, cab body styles. With the custom fitting potential, it is possible to easily transform the vehicle into a mobile transport unit that has been personalised to fit the owner’s unique personal, or commercial needs.

This type of accessory is incredibly practical and has a high durability factor, with the intention to last for many years since they are built of top quality materials, to withstand even the most extreme climatic conditions. Aluminium construction is the most popular choice because it is slim and simple, yet very strong, rust proof, and a very good value for the price. Steel is another popular option for Ute trays, though it does cost a bit more and has a tendency to rust over time, if one does not give it the proper protective treatment.

The installation of this very useful accessory can provide more usable cargo area, and can increase storage capabilities with the many additions that may be integrated to customise it to the owner’s particular circumstances. Many styles are designed with removable sides, which are a practical solution to loading and unloading bulky or heavy objects. The extra room and the easy access created by Ute trays make it much easier to transport items such as furniture, lumber, paint, tool boxes, large pieces of equipment, as well as skis, camping gear, and surfboards, and so much more.

One reason why Ute trays can maximise the amount of usable space on a truck is because their flat designs allows them to be placed directly over the wheels instead of that area being obstructed by a hub. They sit a bit higher on the back of the vehicle, which provides plenty of area on the underside to install a system of tool boxes or slide-out drawers for additional storage. Other accessories may be added to the base in order to create more customised equipment containment as well.

Among the vast number of accessories that may be incorporated into the bed are canopies, drawers, tool boxes, ladder racks, tank holders, and a variety of others, each one design to enhance the efficiency and functionality of one’s truck as a whole. Many styles of these products come with the option to have two, four, or eight rings for tie downs installed at various points on the cargo area, or to have tie rails placed along the span of the each side so that the straps can be utilise anywhere along their length. Most of the Ute trays that are of universal design offer many places that can be utilised for bungees or security belts.

There are a number of circumstances under which an individual may need to step up into the cargo areas of Ute trays. This becomes more convenient when one selects the option to have step rails installed either in the corners, or along the sides, which makes it easy for someone to get on top to reach a particular piece of equipment, or get a better traction point for placing or removing something. Most designs feature checkered plate flooring, which is slip resistant since the grooves move the water away from the surface.

Tool boxes and ladder racks are typically installed on the top portion of the Ute trays to provide storage for equipment, while leaving plenty of open space for bulkier items to sit. The underside drawers are the perfect place to keep emergency supplies like flares, jumper cables, cones, and jacks, as well as fasteners or straps that are not being used at the time. There are so many ways in which one can customise their vehicle to make it most suitable for the purpose in which it is most frequently utilised.

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