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Yes I dye my own hair ..I really can't afford to have it dye for me . Lol

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Diran 22.07.2018
Oh snap! Hey you sassy
Mikami 28.07.2018
Sounds like a call for violence.
Juhn 06.08.2018
he is aging like milk!
Meran 16.08.2018
You have proof he threatened her?
Tot 20.08.2018
made of what and where ?
Kazrajas 24.08.2018
You really are acting scared
Zololar 28.08.2018
I'm accountable to only my own conscience.
Vudodal 05.09.2018
good after noon :)
Arajas 08.09.2018
We need to move faster.
Kajizuru 18.09.2018
Socrates: Thunders frighten children and menaces the fools!
Nanris 28.09.2018
Resources Harmonizing Biblical Contradictions
Kashicage 30.09.2018
Whomever can get me back to civilization immediately.
Faujora 09.10.2018
No implication, you haven't provided a straight answer.
Nejin 14.10.2018
They're adorable, love their color.
Sharan 16.10.2018
Republicans love naming their policy in deceptive terms.
Shaktigul 17.10.2018
ok? So diverting away from that are you .
JoJogis 20.10.2018
Don't f'ck with Jersey, she'll cut ya. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Kajar 25.10.2018
FFS. More masculine destruction.

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